website designer in noida

Website designer is who design the website, their layout, look and feel of the website, banner for the website and theme for the website. Website designer transforms a story or idea into the visual design and build layout of the website accordingly. Designer is the one who design the menu, colour coding and what will come where in the website. Graphic designing, logo designing, branding and placement of content and selection of colour are also designed by designer. 

Main Roles of Website Designer:
•    A Web Designer uses software like Adobe Photoshop, Framer, Illustrator or Sketch to design the website.
•    A web designer design logical layout for the website.
•    A web designer needs to update the layout of the website according to the market trend and try to introduce new features on the website.
•    A web designer must have good knowledge about graphic and logo design.
•    A web designer must know how to design a website with a rich user interface, which should be user friendly and easy to use.
•    They also need to design the proper slot where all the elements of the website will fit such as images, buttons, menu, content and other general formats.


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