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Static Website Design and development 

A static website is a website which web pages with fixed content. Static sites are basically informative sites which content remain same, means client do not have access to change content unless it is manually updated by website disigner. Static website delivered same web pages as same it is stored. Each pages is coded in HTML and dispalys the same information to every visitor. Static sites are faster in load and needs minimum bandwidth of internet. Static websites will have all pages like dynamic sites like Home page, about us, services etc but these pages are fixed.

Difference between Static and Dynamic Website
1.    In Static web pages, pages will remain same until unless developer changes it manually by changing the codes. On the other hand, Dynamic website content is dynamic which can be changed anytime by the end user.
2.    Static web pages are simple while dynamic web pages are complex.
3.    In static web pages, content change rarely while in dynamic content change frequently.
4.    Static websites are faster and web pages loads faster compare to dynamic web pages.
5.    Static websites does not required database while dynamic websites required database.
6.    Static websites are cheaper compare to dynamic websites.
7.    Static websites can be developed in short time while dynamic websites require more time.
8.    Static website directly run on browser and does not require other internet application language. This website can be created from HTML and CSS .Dynamic website run the application on server and the result will be display on webpage. So this requires server application language like PHP, JSP etc.
9.    Static websites are easy to develop and a experienced person can develop it. But in casa of Dynamic websites it cannot be developed easily because it require qualify developers to create it, manage it, test it and maintain security of application and database.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Static website is a website which have fixed content. Enduser cannot change content like dynamic website. Content can only changed through html and css coding.
If you are looking for a informative website and your content will remain same then static website is best option to have as static website is faster than dynamic and it is very cheap compared to dynamic website.
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